How Do I Choose a Divorce Attorney?

Realizing your marriage is over and that seeking a divorce is in the best interest of all those involved is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. The next step in starting a new and better path in your life is finding a divorce attorney who understands your goals, knows all aspects of divorce law, and empathizes with your situation.

Find Someone You Can Trust

Most people have family members or friends who have been through a divorce. Relying on word of mouth to find a divorce attorney is the best way to start your search for counsel. However, make sure any attorney referrals from friends or family only practice family and divorce law.

For example, a trusted work acquaintance may have a lot of praise for a lawyer they hired to litigate their mother’s estate. However, this lawyer does not possess the experience, knowledge, and skills you need to manage a divorce proceeding as smoothly as possible. Schedule consultations with lawyers who only practice family law and who you know have years of experience representing clients seeking a divorce.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask About Fees

Ending a marriage can be very stressful and it is important to know and understand your financial situation in order to proceed. During a consultation with a divorce lawyer, ask the lawyer if they expect an up-front lump-sum payment (retainer) and if that retainer goes towards their hourly rate. Also, before hiring a lawyer to handle your divorce, make sure all financial agreements are fully detailed in any documents you sign.

Recognize Red Flags During a Consultation

Trust your instincts when consulting with divorce lawyers. If you feel like the lawyer is overly aggressive, lacking empathy, and avoiding the topic of client references, say “thank you” and leave. Aggressive lawyers are lawyers who often have a substandard practice with too many unsatisfied clients. Divorce lawyers who refuse to talk about fees, claim they can get the “revenge” you want, and insist you start divorce proceedings immediately are unwittingly putting out red flags.

 Searching for a Divorce Lawyer on the Internet

Don’t be fooled by search returns that rank high for certain divorce lawyers. Anyone can pay to ensure their website ranks using Google Ads. If you can’t get referrals from friends or family, be aware of website red flags that may indicate problems. For example, does the lawyer’s website have a blog that is updated regularly? Is there an actual street address on the contact page? Does the website’s content contain misspellings and incorrect information? Finally, are there too many “client reviews” that seem generic and over-the-top?

One last word of advice when searching for a divorce lawyer on the Internet:

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