Knowledgeable and Compassionate Representation for Divorce

Finding experienced attorneys to help you with your dissolution of marriage proceedings should not be a daunting task. I understand the challenging process of handling separation and work with clients on an individualized basis to ensure a swift and efficient resolution. With a clear focus in family law, my experience provides all clients credible and dependable representation when filing for the dissolution of marriage.

A dissolution of marriage proceeding includes the division of assets and liabilities (equitable distribution), alimony or spousal support and if there are minor children, child support, and a time sharing and parenting plan.

As dissolutions can be challenging, I recommend speaking to a licensed professional, such as myself, for legal advice concerning dissolution and the effect it may have on child support, property distribution, alimony, and spousal maintenance, among other issues. If you’d like to find out more about the dissolution of marriage and solutions to other family law issues, get in contact with me today!