Child Support

Empathetic and Experienced Representation in Child Support Matters

Raising a child takes time, effort, and money. If you and your co-parent have a timesharing (child custody) order, one of you has likely been ordered to pay child support to the other to cover those costs. However, these support payments can become another point of conflict if you aren’t on the same page.

Your child deserves to have the emotional and financial support of both parents. If you’re facing a child support dispute, you should work with the experienced family law attorney at Bergman Family Law. Call (954) 419-4358 or reach out online to learn more about how we put your needs first in child support matters.

How Florida Awards Child Support

Florida’s child support laws involve multiple in-depth calculations. State law dictates that both parents are responsible for financially supporting their children according to their abilities. To ensure that parents are fulfilling this responsibility, child support calculations take into account:

  • The average cost of raising a child: Florida provides a table that dictates the amount of funds it expects parents to put toward supporting their children based on their net income.
  • The respective incomes of both parents: Parents are expected to contribute toward the overall cost of supporting their children according to their portion of the net income of both parents.
  • The time the child spends with both parents: The amount of support paid depends on how the child’s time is divided between households.
  • The specific needs of the child: Children with extra requirements, such as significant medical care, may cause a judge to award additional support to the primary parent.

These calculations can become quite complex. To ensure that you receive the total support you need to raise your child, you should work with an experienced child support attorney in Florida.

Addressing Child Support Disputes in Florida

You need fair and equitable child support orders to raise your children safely, comfortably, and well. If you’re facing a child support dispute, you should work with the experienced local child support attorney at Bergman Family Law to resolve the matter efficiently. Reach out today by calling (954) 419-4358 or messaging us online to discover how Harrison Bergman can help.