For the past 10 years, Harrison Bergman has been able to marry his knowledge of the law with his passion for helping families during the most challenging part of their lives. He is dedicated to helping clients in the Miami and Broward areas to achieve efficient and painless resolutions for their difficult situations while ensuring to provide a safe and supportive environment.

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A Lawyer That Cares

Harrison Bergman understands that this is often the hardest time in a client’s life. Thus, he handles every client with care and compassion.

10 Years of Experience

Bergman knows that experience counts. He has spent the last 10 years helping families across Miami and Broward find peace of mind when it comes to their cases.

Florida Bred

Laws are often handled differently in each state. With deep roots and experiences in Florida, Harrison Bergman will work faster and harder than any other!


& Trusted to Succeed

Not only does Harrison Bergman come with a decade of experience, he also comes with authentic care for each and every one of his clients. He knows that many clients are going through the most challenging times of their lives. His goal remains constant - help each individual as if they were his own family. If you have more questions about Bergman Family Law’s legal services, or what his process is like, please feel free to give him a call today at (954) 419-4358 to schedule an initial 15 minute Zoom consultation.

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