Child Custody

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It’s only natural for parents to want to maximize the time they spend with their children. That’s why child custody disputes can quickly become contentious. If you and your co-parent no longer live together, you may need a court order to determine how you will split parenting responsibilities.

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Florida’s Child Custody Timesharing Laws

Florida does not award “child custody” as many other states do. Instead, the state uses the term “timesharing” to describe how parents split their time with their children. Florida legislators changed the language used in state laws in 2008 to encourage the courts to award parents time with their children as much as possible.

When judges are determining custody, they start from the assumption that both parents should receive equal time with the child. They will hear evidence from both parties to determine whether this should be adjusted. The judge must make all timesharing decisions with the child’s best interests in mind. This includes:

  • Each parent’s ability to raise the child in a safe and stable environment
  • The mental and physical health of the parents
  • The “moral fitness” of the parents
  • The locations of each parent’s residence compared to the community where the child has so far been raised
  • Evidence of neglect, abuse, or violence
  • The child’s relationship with their parents

The judge uses these factors to decide if it’s in the child’s best interest for them to spend equal time with both parents, for them to spend more time with one parent, or for one parent to lose the right to spend time with the child entirely.

Pursue Equitable Child Custody Orders in Florida

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