How Collaborative Divorce Puts Your Child’s Needs First

It is inevitable that some marriages will end in divorce. In some cases, there is a breach of trust, like infidelity. Perhaps you and your spouse have identified irreconcilable differences, or maybe you have simply grown apart. Whatever the reason for your divorce, it’s important to remember that it affects people other than you and your spouse. If you have children, your split will affect the rest of their lives. 

As a caring parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your divorce hurts your children as little as possible. That’s why many parents choose to pursue collaborative divorces. These splits are less adversarial, less stressful, and allow you to put your children’s needs first; here’s why.

What Makes Collaborative Divorce Unique

As the name implies, collaborative divorce is a collaboration between two spouses. It is a specific dispute resolution process that encourages the partners to work together in good faith to settle their divorce without needing outside intervention from a mediator, arbitrator, or judge. 

During these spits, the spouses and their attorneys agree to meet and negotiate matters such as asset division, child custody, and spousal and child support. However, instead of having a third party present to make decisions or guide discussions, the parties agree to handle the matter themselves.

This makes collaborative divorces unique in the world of family law. Couples who agree to collaborate on their divorce settlement frequently reach settlements in days or weeks, compared to the months it may take with other methods. More importantly, it encourages couples to remain polite, professional, and non-adversarial, which is particularly important when they have children. 

Benefits of Collaborative Divorces for Children

Why is collaborative divorce so beneficial for children? Because it lets you and your co-parent put your children’s needs first. Instead of getting caught up in financial minutiae or a game of one-upmanship, you can handle things efficiently and effectively without letting your kids get caught in the middle. The most important benefits include:

  • Providing a quicker transition period. Since collaboration prevents the delays often caused by an adversarial approach, it leads to a swifter resolution for most couples. This minimizes the time your child spends unsure of their future. The shorter this transition period, the faster kids can adjust to their new normal after your split is finalized.
  • Keeping your kids out of the courtroom. If you choose to litigate child custody disputes in your split, your children may need to provide testimony. This can be stressful and even traumatic. By developing a parenting plan collaboratively, you can keep your kids out of the legal process entirely.
  • Avoiding emotional outbursts. The longer your divorce lasts, the more intense your frustration may become. This can cause many parents to lash out at their spouses. Witnessing these arguments and outbursts can make children feel insecure about their place in the family. Collaborating helps you avoid this by keeping the process shorter and encouraging you to remain professional with your co-parent.
  • Finding solutions that genuinely work for your family. While judges are instructed to decide child custody matters according to the children’s best interests, they may not have the time to fully understand your family’s circumstances. They may issue orders that would work for a generic family but pose problems for your child. By collaborating with your co-parent, you can develop a divorce settlement that takes everyone’s needs into account and provides the best possible solution for your child.

In short, collaborating on your split helps your kids move on as quickly as possible without exposing them to unnecessary stress, uncertainty, or fear. 

Consult With Skilled Florida Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

The best way to determine if a collaborative divorce is the right choice for your family is to consult a skilled attorney in your area. At Bergman Family Law, we focus on finding solutions that work for your family. Whether you are certain that you want a collaborative divorce or want to learn more about the process, do not hesitate to reach out to our family law firm serving the Miami and Broward area. We can assist you with pursuing a divorce that prioritizes your children.