Common Mistake During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is difficult. Without the right guidance, you can make costly mistakes that impact your future. Below, Bergman Family Law has outlined common mistakes to avoid. Feel free to reach out to our team with any legal questions you may have regarding the dissolution of marriage process. In the meantime, review four potential mistakes that can derail your settlement.

1.      What Is the Danger of Acting Out of Anger or Guilt?

Whether you are the one to initiate divorce proceedings or the process comes as a surprise, it can be an emotional time. However, it’s important to maintain rational thinking so that you can make the right decisions for yourself and your family. With the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney, family therapist and other trained professionals, you can get the guidance you need during this trying time.

2.      Why Should You Avoid Hiring the Wrong Family Law Attorney?

You and your spouse may decide to share a lawyer to save expenses. However, it’s important to have a legal professional 100% on your side to look out for your interest. Even in an amicable divorce, contention can arise at any time. So, to safeguard your financial assets and to resolve any custody disputes, hire a competent attorney to defend your rights and guide you through the process. Establish honest communication and trust with your attorney for best results.

3.      Why Can’t You Just Skim Through the Paperwork?

Even if you have an attorney to review the paperwork, it’s important to go over it on your own. Check for any inaccuracies and make sure that you understand what you agree to. If your spouse’s attorney has drawn up the papers, it’s even more important to examine every word to make sure that there are no surprises down the road.

4.      Why Should You Avoid Forgetting About Taxes?

When it comes to calculating your monthly expenses, spousal or child support and other funds concerning the division of assets, take tax into consideration. In addition to speaking with your attorney, you may wish to consult with a tax accountant regarding the impact of divorce on your retirement accounts, for example. Failing to account for tax implications can put you in a tough spot when it comes to property and income taxes.

How Can You Choose the Right Law Firm to Represent You?

Having the right family law firm stand behind you gives you the confidence to move forward through each phase of a divorce. On the other hand, choosing an experienced attorney familiar with the divorce process in the Greater Miami area can give you confidence and make the process less onerous.

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